Minecraft: Dungeons PC Release Confirmed For 2019

Minecraft: Dungeons PC Release Confirmed For 2019

The folks behind Minecraft have announced a new project at MineCon 2018, the convention that’s about all things Minecraft. The title is called Minecraft: Dungeons and while not a lot of information has been revealed about this title right now, Mojang has revealed that the game is going to be released for PC next year.

The official webpage for the game describes it as an all-new action adventure game that’s inspired by classic dungeon crawlers. That’s also the idea that we get from the official announcement trailer for Minecraft: Dungeons. The trailer makes this inspiration very clear as well.

Minecraft: Dungeons will allow players to either go at it in single player or team up with up to four friends and play this dungeon crawler among themselves. Like all games of this kind, the players will be up against multiple enemies and bosses which they will have to defeat in order to progress.

During this entire process, players will be able to pick up new weapons and items which will further enhance the gameplay experience going forward. No further information has been provided by Mojang at this point in time. It hasn’t even confirmed precisely when we can expect this title to arrive next year. Mojang hasn’t said when this title will be coming to consoles.

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