OnePlus Developing 5G Smartphone For Next Year

OnePlus Developing 5G Smartphone For Next Year

OnePlus is joining the list of manufacturers who are planning to release 5G-compatible smartphones next year. OnePlus CEO and founder Pete Lau confirmed at the Mobile World Congress Shanghai today that the company is developing a 5G smartphone for 2019. He also mentioned that the company is working on establishing carrier relationships in the United States.

Lau mentioned that the company’s relationship with Qualcomm will enable it to become one of the first few manufacturers to launch a 5G smartphone next year. Major carriers in the United States are going to flip the switch on their commercial 5G networks next year as well.

OnePlus is often praised for its affordable smartphones that offer almost flagship-level specifications but customers have always had to pay full price for them because the company had no carrier relationships which meant that the handsets couldn’t be purchased on monthly plans.

OnePlus has been focusing on direct sales in the United States for now but it’s looking to change that. It has been selling its devices through carriers in Europe. Lau said that the company wants to sell its smartphones through carriers in the United States but didn’t say if the company is in talks with more than one carrier.

If OnePlus fans are concerned that when the company’s handsets land on carriers they will load bloatware on it, but Lau says that the company will continue with its focus on prioritizing a bloatware-free experience.

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